we are unique... and your web site should be to!

here at hypermedia we look at every project with no preconceived ideas of what a client needs, we never pigeon-hole or categorise a client, every one is unique therefore every project starts with a completely clean sheet. a statement of the obvious perhaps, but it never ceases to amaze us just how often these basic principles are ignored.


we need to understand what a business sells, how it sells it and the target audience it is selling to. then we can combine this knowledge with our design and technological expertise to create a web presence that is truly representative of your company and brand. putting all the cogs in place and keeping them oiled is the key to success.

your window to the world

your web site has a major influence into a persons first perception of your business, a clever well designed easy to use web site will help convert those first impressions into lasting customers.

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sell products online 24/7

we are experts in eCommerce, having developed 100's of eCommerce sites, as well as running our own online shopping sites, we fully understand exactly what it takes to be successful online.

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make social media easy

take social media off your to-do list, use our control panel to create your content and advance schedule postings, or we can even tweet and post and keep your social media current and active.

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get your site found online

every day we hear “I can’t remember the name just google it” having just a great website is like spending your budget to make a commercial without buying any air time to show it to the world

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in case of emergency

proactively protect your website from loss of data, lost revenue and hackers. our services include regular backups, security updates and even site content changes and modifications if required.

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understanding your visitors

understanding exactly how your visitors find your site and what they do while they are there is the only way to improve conversion rates customer experience and loyalty.

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