Quick way to the top of Google.....there is no such thing!

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on Wednesday, 05 June 2013
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Quick way to the top of Google.....there is no such thing!

Even as the owner of a Web Design and Search Engine Marketing company, I receive countless solicitation emails from people across the globe informing me how they can help my site obtain top rankings in the search engine listings, enticing me with their the latest methods and tricks for only a few hundred pounds.

Usually, these arrive in my inbox from @gmail.com or other free email accounts, but one common thread is that each one purports that they can outsmart Google and  other Search Engines and get your site to the top of the listings tomorrow and that all it will cost is a few hundred pounds. Don't be fooled!

The bottom line is that there are no quick fixes and nobody can outsmart Google, especially not for just a few hundred pounds! Please be very wary of these email offers, they can be very detrimental to your site.

I regularly talk to people who have fallen foul of these mass solicitations, sometimes with quite dire consequences. These ‘marketeers’ play off a site owners desire to receive mass traffic and the fortunes this brings, all with very little initial investment. The bottom line is that anyone who does end up a victim of one of these scams often ends up jeopardizing their future rankings for their site, sometimes to the point of the site being blacklisted completely by the search engines. You are also essentially wasting time and throwing your money away.

Many of these offers are for link building. Yes links are very relevant in where your site ranks. However 30 good quality, relevant topic links that are accumulated over a few months, are worth far more than 1000 unrelated links from low quality, low PR sites. In fact if the 1000 links are added in a matter of weeks rather than months and years, you stand a good chance of getting your URL blacklisted.

In short, never try to outsmart Google! They are one of the worlds largest and smartest companies employing many of the most intelligent people on this planet! Anyone who truly believes that they can outsmart Google or has a ‘secret formula’ to obtain top web rankings is either taking something illegal or is the next Einstein (shortly to be employed by Google!) Fortunately, there is no need to outsmart Google, their rule book is open to the public, and all anyone has to do is follow the rules. This is often more expensive in terms of time and money, however the end result will pay in spades with your site climbing the rankings and staying there.

Good ethical SEO and SEM may seem a bit more expensive but believe me it is not an area to try and do 'on the cheap', remember there are no short cuts or quick fixes, just hard work.

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If you want to know more, or would like a free consultation, call us on 01256 398188 - remember talk is cheap!

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